Dutch supermarket started package-free shopping

The Dutch supermarket chain Albert Heijn introduced a new concept that allows customers to fill reusable containers (bags or jars) with products like pasta, rice, muesli, tea, coffee or nuts, and use less plastic packaging. Customers can bring their own bags and jars or buy reusable containers at the supermarket.

There are 70 different products consumers can buy package-free. The chain started this program in one of their large supermarkets in Rotterdam. Two more shops will follow soon in Amsterdam. Next year the chain plans to introduce this option in 50 other supermarkets.

Albert Heijn is planning to use 20 tons less packaging material by 2025 and to use only 100% recyclable material for their private labels. For the last 6 years, AH has been chosen by consumers as the most sustainable supermarket in the Netherlands.

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