How to recycle products  


Why we need to recycle

In the circular economy, products are kept in circulation in the economy through reuse, repair, remanufacture and recycling. In this way, materials are kept in use and never become waste. 


How to turn recycling into business?

Six and Sons is a concept store in Amsterdam that sells clothes and lifestyle products made of recycled materials. The owner and employees of the store hope that their concept soon becomes normal: all the stores will be selling only recycled items and our shopping habits will not harm environment.


Plastic fishing in Amsterdam

Amsterdam canal belt has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 2010. It is important to make sure that these beautiful canals remain so beautiful. Plastic fishing in Amsterdam is fun and good for environement! You can do it together with colleagues, family, friends or students.



Circular economy for plastic 

Solutions to tackle plastic pollution are within reach so we can avoid a future in which there are more plastic than fish in our oceans. Sir David Attenborough supports a circular economy for plastic, in which we eliminate the plastic we don’t need, innovate so all the plastic we do need is designed to be safely recycled. 


How to recycle

How many different waste containers do you have at home? Of course, it depends on your household size. In any case, you should separate food waste, plastic, paper and glass. All this waste can be recycled.



Don’t waste your waste!

The University of Amsterdam has developed an online course for students and stuff on how to recycle their trash. Four different types of trash bins have been placed in the University buildings, and the course



Recycling plastic

What happens to plastic bottles when you recycle them? Do they get made into fresh bottles, or do they become something else? It’s easier to turn bottles into workout shirts than it is to fully recycle the plastic.


Recycling plastic


Recycling paper

The recycling process takes a lot of work. Because each round of recycling shortens fibers, paper can only be recycled between 5-7 times. So remember to:

1) Purchase products from sustainably managed forests

2) Use paper responsibly

3) Recycle whenever possible


Recycling paper