Up-cycling as a new lifestyle

This is Conny. She was born in the Netherlands, one of the most densely populated countries in the world. She grew up in a village that has been absorbed by the growing urban area around Amsterdam, and she had a feeling that she was robbed of her beloved countryside. After she was diagnosed with a chronic illness, she moved to a remote rural area in the north of Spain, where she can enjoy nature.

Conny is a real sustainability enthousiast. She has started her own business: she is making reusable shopping bags out of textile waste. She gives fabric a second life and creates unique and beautiful bags which she sells at a local market.

Her company is called Del Corazón, ‘from the heart’. This company is one of many examples of how you can contribute to circular economy and support yourself with up-cycling. Conny not only creates valuable new products out of waste; she also helps her customers to reduce plastic waste by carrying reusable shopping bags. Conny is a great inspiration for our project.

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