How to share products  


When we share, everybody benefits

We are moving towards the sharing economy. People have been always sharing food, clothes, ideas, initiatives. Nowadays, sharing becomes easier. It makes our society stronger, and it makes us happier and more resilient.



What can you share?

You can share anything (books, toys, clothes, etc.) that can be useful to other people. You can find in different online platforms, second hand shops or donation organisations that can help you to make somebody happy with the stuff you don’t need.



What is sharing economy?

The sharing economy is a new model of consumption based on the exchange, the sharing, and collaboration between individuals of goods, services, resources, time or knowledge.

Instead of one person owning and using their own bike or car, shared mobility makes it accessible to several users.

Sharing economy


Amsterdam: the city of sharing

Amsterdam has developed a proactive approach to the sharing economy to support the goals of its sharing economy plan. It’s designed to enable the city, businesses and residents to reap the benefits from sharing platforms, while also identifying and mitigating unintended risks.