How to reuse products? 


Tips from older generation

People of older generation treat things more carefully: “Our grandparents and parents had this stuff, and they lived with it, and they used it. And the best way is to give it another life: try to sell it, do not throw it in the garbage!” They are passing this knowledge to their grandchildren: “When I sold some of my toys, I felt happy that’s they can be with other people. They can make other people happy.” Use things longer, reuse and resell old things. Save the planet!


Find your old things a new owner

Do not throw your old things away! Maybe, your old dress or children’s toys can make somebody happy. Find them a new owner! Reselling things you don’t need anymore can be fun.


Vintage shopping

To ease this massive burden on the environment, consumers need to shift from buying and disposing to reducing and reusing. Vintage shopping is a growing trend. Learn how you can combine hunting for antique treasures with sustainable lifestyle.


Reusable packaging

Solutions to tackle plastic pollution are within reach. We can avoid a future in which there are more plastic than fish in our oceans by switching from disposable plastic bags and containers to reusable bags and containers.

Dutch supermarket introduced reusable packaging options


New Plastics Economy 

Plastic packaging needs to be eliminated. We need a broad collaboration between consumers, designers, industries, businesses and NGOs to design the future without plastic packaging



Fighting electronic waste

Weighing more than the Great Wall of China, the amount of electronic waste discarded in 2021 is estimated to be 57.4 metric tons. Smartphone users keep their phones for 2 to 3 years, and just 15% of phones are collected for recycling once they’re no longer used. How can we change that?

Fairphone rewards careful phone users