Erasmus+ Partnerships for Cooperation Project 2021-1-NL01-KA210-ADU-000033999

Online course


How to reduce food waste and take care of products to extend their life cycle


How to eliminate the use of plastic and other disposable packaging


How to repair old, broken and damaged products instead of throwing them away


How both people and nature can benefit from sharing economy


How to recover valuable materials in the end of product life cycle


How to create beautiful new products out of recycled materials

About the project

The international partnership of educational organisations from the Netherlands and Lithuania is working on developing an adult education program and open online course for young adults to raise their awareness about circular economy principles, encourage them to change their behaviour and develop their circular skills and competences. 

Our non-formal learning methodology involves members of socially disadvantaged groups (senior citizens, people from remote rural areas and migrants from developing countries) as adult educators in this course in order to encourage them to share their experience, cultural heritage and creativity and to empower their social participation and social recognition.

About the partners

FENAN Consulting offers education, research and consultancy in the areas of social innovation, digital communication, and behavioural change. Our main areas of expertise include changing consumer behaviour to stimulate the adoption of sustainable innovations, designing healthy and inclusive public environments, developing innovative non-formal educational programs for adults with fewer opportunities (including migrants and ethnic minorities) to support their entrepreneurial skills. We collaborate with universities, NGOs and commercial partners to promote circular economy, green energy, mobility, reusing and recycling products and materials.

Non-formal learning club “WE” (Neformalaus mokymosi klubas “MES”) is a non-governmental, nonprofit organisation born in an informal environment of a non-vocational, non-formal experience-based learning. WE organise events, seminars and educational programmes for various target groups: youth, adults, seniors, families. WE actively participate in various initiatives and projects and cooperate with different education and training institutions in Lithuania and collaborates with other EU countries on Erasmus+ international partnership projects.