Circular skills project presented at Environmental Communication Event 2023

Environmental problems such as climate change, biodiversity loss, and pollution are caused by human behavior. To counter these problems, it is vital to change people’s behaviors and understand how behavior can be influenced by communication.

A lot of academics, educators and practitioners are working at creating effective communication about environmental problems and sustainability. They came together during Environmental Communication event on Wednesday, March 29, which was organized by EcoLab in the University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Participants discussed how environmental issues are represented in social media and which factors may trigger changes toward a broader acceptance of sustainable behavior.

Erasmus+ Circular skills project was presented as one of the ongoing efforts to promote sustainable behavior among young adults by means of non-formal online educational tools that make circular skills and habits such as sharing, reusing, repairing, recycling and up-cycling products and materials more appealing for the young generation.

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