Fairphone rewards careful phone users

Weighing more than the Great Wall of China, the amount of electronic waste discarded in 2021 is estimated to be 57.4 metric tons. Smartphone users keep their phones for 2 to 3 years, and just 15% of phones are collected for recycling once they’re no longer used.

Circularity needs to start somewhere. That’s why the Dutch phone brand Fairphone has added a rental service to its offerings. By making repairing part of the deal while also rewarding customers for treating their devices with care, Fairphone is pushing for longevity — keeping every phone in use for longer.

Repairs are offered at no cost. Every Fairphone subscription comes with a protective case and a screen protector. Fairphone rewards customers for taking good care of their phones. For every damage-free year, their monthly subscription fee drops.

Once a rental period is up, users send their phone back to Fairphone, which ensures its reuse by another customer or proper recycling. Longer use and increased recycling means fewer resources wasted.

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