You are smart enough to fix your own iPhone

Right to repair activists are optimistic about 2022. A previously impossible repair soon will be possible: you can buy an iPhone screen directly from Apple, use Apple’s repair guide to install it, and have it fully work as intended, using Apple’s diagnostic software. Apple has long claimed that letting consumers fix their own stuff would be dangerous, both to us and our stuff. But Apple is finally letting us fix the things we own.

Starting in early 2022, Apple will sell parts and tools for the iPhone, including the display, battery, and camera to individuals. Apple intends to expand the program to MacBooks later in the year. You’ll be able to buy parts and tools and have access to service manuals and repair-enabling software.

For more than 20 years, Apple was denying consumers the right to repair their products, claiming that their products don’t break or that consumers are too stupid to fix their products. Now, Apple is finally acknowledging that lots of us have the technical know-how to fix our own stuff and that everyone is smart enough to fix an iPhone.

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